a challenge for begginers
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PostSubject: READ is a MUST   Tue Apr 24, 2012 5:42 pm


DDTank Tool should run on any configuration
The tool only officially support Windows, not Mac or Linux. If you use Mac or Linux, some of the tool's functionalities will be missing

Steps to install

Install Java here(Instruction)
Download DDTank Tool here
Unzip the file DDTankTool.zip.
Click on file run.bat (or start.bat) to start the software.


When install Java, please click on the big "Free Java Download" button, then follow all the steps to download that installation file and install on your computer
When you download the DDTank Tool, the downloaded file is in zip, if your computer does not have any software to unzip, you need to download the 7-zip
When you run the software (use the file run.bat) but you dont see the login screen (the black screen show up and disappear immediately), that means Java hasn't been installed correctly. You need to check the Java install steps. If you are using windows 7, then you may try running the file start_64.bat.
If the login screen has shown up, but you can not choose the username or password text boxes to login, and the black screen show a lot of text, then you should check your system's time, maybe it is very wrong (months or years). Please correct your system's time and restart the software

When using the tool

You should make sure your display mode is 32bit
If you use Windows 7 or Vista, you need to change to BASIC display mode (right click on desktop, choose Personalize). This will disable windows compositing which may slow the game down and cause firing to be inaccurate
When in game, the game screen must be fully displayed to be analyzed. Wind, angle, map and the buttons above the map are essential and must not be blocked.
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